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    About us
    • Yang fan male was born on May 16, 1970 in honghu city, hubei province

      Studied under the master of international art Mr. Chen ruixian

      Chinese national first class artist

      Chinese state guest special for artists

      Culture and art development center of the ministry of culture of China

      Distinguished painter of China academy of painting and calligraphy

      Academician and vice President of the Chinese people's academy of painting

      Senior Consultant of art and nature interdisciplinary of Shenzhen University

      Member of American watercolor association

      Member of Chinese painting and calligraphy association

      Vice President of Hong Kong artists association of China

      Honorary President of hubei honghu artists association

      Art form

      Studied in primary, middle and high schools in honghu city, hubei province from 1977 to 1986

      1986-1988 graphic designer of hubei honghu printing factory, designed "junshan tea" to participate in the light industry ministry, and won the silver award in the design competition of five provinces in central and southern China.

      From 1988 to 1992, I graduated from the department of arts and crafts of nanjing university of art. During this period, the jianlibao posters designed and drawn were used as propaganda posters by jianlibao company. In the same year, the art work human body sketching was participated in the south art culture and arts festival.

      2001-2005 studied in the national university of Singapore, participated in the Singapore art competition, the work "gate" qu yuan won the first prize, received by the prime minister of Singapore lee kuan yew, during the period of learning western painting in school, organized to participate in: new, ma, tai individual works tour exhibition, at the same time in 2002 in shenzhen new century: new shatou calligraphy competition won the bronze award.

      In 2005, he participated in the 3rd culture and arts festival in dongmen, shenzhen and won the excellence award in the modern classic cup painting and calligraphy competition.

      In 2006, Yang fan red square art co., LTD was founded. During this period, packaging boxes and posters designed by the company, such as one continent cold clear and one continent eight-treasure porridge, were widely used and are still in use today.

      Joined hubei honghu artists association in 2007

      In 2008, shenzhen yuanye design and production co., LTD. Was registered. Participated in the overall design of shenzhen wild animal park, including the font of the gate of the wild animal park. In the same year, I participated in the design of sun yat-sen park in shenzhen, especially the marble painting "return" and "seven fairies" of sun yat-sen park, as well as the carved figures of sun yat-sen park.

      In 2010, the yangfan original art center was established. During this period, Mr. Yang fan's watercolor paintings were presented to the President and ministers of Nepal as "more than 20 pieces" of national gifts when mayor liu of Beijing visited Nepal. At the same time, many celebrities collected Mr. Yang fan's sketches, watercolor, gouge, oil paintings and traditional Chinese paintings.

      In 2011, he founded yangfan art museum in buji wenbo palace, shenzhen.

      In 2012, phoenix TV reported artist Yang fan.

      In 2012, he was invited to attend the fine arts exhibition of the ministry of education of Thailand.

      Joined China shuxie (hubei) in 2013;

      In 2014, he was awarded as the first-class Chinese artist.

      In 2014, he was awarded as the state guest special artist;

      2014 work "afternoon", selected in national art exhibition;

      Joined China painting and calligraphy association in 2014;

      In 2014, several works were selected by people's fine arts newspaper and continuously reported.

      In 2015, he joined the China artists association (hubei).

      In 2015, his work "western customs" was selected in the national young and middle-aged art exhibition.

      In 2015, he was elected as the people's artist painting academy, academician and vice President.

      In 2015, he was selected as the art consultant of the artists association of China academy of painting.

      In 2015, a number of works were selected into the 70th anniversary anti-fascist stamps issued by China post and received by minister of culture and Chen wenqi of national stamp printing bureau.

      In 2015, he was elected as an academician and vice President of the Chinese culture research institute.

      In 2015, Mr. Yang fan was included in the list of Chinese hall of fame.

      In 2015, many watercolor paintings of Mr. Yang fan were published in guangdong art association and guangdong fine arts newspaper.

      In 2015, Mr. Yang fan's works were selected and published in the culture monthly of the ministry of culture.

      In 2015, Mr. Yang fan's work spring of snow was collected by Peking University.

      In 2015, Mr. Yang fan's watercolor paintings were collected by people's fine arts newspaper.

      In 2015, Mr. Yang fan's watercolor paintings were collected by CCTV international.

      In 2015, Mr. Yang fan's traditional Chinese painting was collected by the general administration of the people's liberation army.

      In 2015, Mr. Yang fan's watercolor painting was collected by China post.

      In 2015, Mr. Yang fan's oil paintings were published in Chinese art expo magazine.

      In 2015, Mr. Yang fan's oil paintings were published by people's fine arts magazine.

      In 2015, Mr. Yang fan's watercolor painting was included in the literature compilation of exploring new paths to realize the dream of rejuvenation by China association for the promotion of international economic and technological cooperation.

      On November 12, 2015, yangfan art museum and the shenzhen organizing committee of Oxford college of art were opened for business. They were interviewed exclusively by CCTV painting and calligraphy channel, shenzhen TV station, shenzhen business daily and shenzhen finance and economics channel.

      In March 2016, Mr. Yang fan's watercolor painting "rape flower of hometown" was selected into the American watercolor painting exhibition

      In June 2016, Mr. Yang fan joined Hong Kong artists association of China and was elected vice President of the artists association

      In July 2016, Mr. Yang fan was selected as one of the most influential artists on the website of China good brand, Chinese talent and Chinese channel

      In August 2016, Mr. Yang fan's work "twilight in the city" was evaluated by the presidium of shenzhen artists association and selected in the 12th shenzhen painter painting shenzhen: rediscovery art exhibition

      In November 2016, Mr. Yang fan was awarded as the special painter of "China painting and calligraphy academy" by the ministry of culture

      In 2017, he was hired as an associate professor at the academy of fine arts of tsinghua university

      Yang fan teacher's watercolor paintings are auctioned in March 2017 in archang

      In April 2017, teacher Yang fan's watercolor painting of rape flowers from her hometown was auctioned in hanhai

      April 2017 poly auction Yang fan teacher's watercolor painting snow in the north of the block

      June 2017 yangfan national individual tour exhibition - guilin station

      Oct 2017 yangfan national individual exhibition tour - gongcheng station

      In January 2018, Mr. Yang fan was invited to join the national watercolor association

      In July 2018, Mr. Yang fan was invited to join the member and director of hubei jingzhou artists association

      In February 2019, Mr. Yang fan was appointed honorary professor of Oxford college of art

      In June 2019, Mr. Yang Fan was invited to attend the World Stamp Exhibition. More than 130 countries around the world have published stamp painters, the only one to participate in the exhibition. (Pavilion Name "Shengshi Expo" Pavilion Number "CT19-20")

      In March 2021, Mr. Yang Fan was employed as senior consultant of art and nature interdisciplinary in Shenzhen University

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