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      Talent Idea

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      Putting people first and virtue first, running people's hearts
      For many years, Xinlong has adhered to the talent concept of "people-oriented, moral first, management of the people's heart", and the enterprise has been developed by leaps and bounds on a large scale. The company attaches great importance to the work of talents, and always regards the development and utilization of human resources as an important strategy for the development of enterprises. The "talent project" of "introducing, employing, creating and retaining talents" is listed as one of the "major projects" of the company, thus forming a highly efficient, professional and systematic introduction, cultivation, assessment and incentive of human resources. Planning management system, to build a human resources management highland, for the sustainable development of Xinlong has provided a strong talent guarantee, to achieve the scientific and technological Xinlong, and strive to create a "first-class enterprise" has laid a solid foundation.
      Xinlong respects and cares for talents, gathers, makes good use of, educates and retains them, creates a good atmosphere of "encouraging talents to do business, supporting talents to do business, helping talents to do a good job", and gathers a large number of backbone talents who are loyal to enterprises, good at management, understand management, strong in development and dare to innovate, so as to make Xinlong truly Become "the home of entrepreneurship, the fertile land of success".
      Xinlong employment philosophy
      Cultivate people with Xinlong culture, gather people with Xinlong cause, encourage people with performance appraisal, train and improve people with learning.
      Principles of recruiting talents
      Principles: both ability and morality, mainly, virtue is dedicated to the enterprise, down-to-earth work, seeking truth from facts, doing business, no complaints; have a certain degree, but also a strong working ability and potential.
      Employing principles and criteria
      Employment principle: quantity is the best and merit is the best.
      The fundamental principles of employing people are respecting, understanding, caring, caring, cultivating and putting people first. Talents are regarded as the most valuable wealth of enterprises.
      Employment mechanism: Adopt the principle of "phased horse + race horse" and "open, fair and fair". Implement competition mechanism in important management and technical posts. On the ability, the mediocre give way, the mediocre retreat.
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